Positive Help Edinburgh

World Hepatitis Day 2017

This World Hepatitis Day we celebrate our service users who have stuck with treatment and beaten the virus.

Treatment presents a big challenge for many of our service users and we have been proud to provide the practical help they have requested to enable them to overcome some of these hurdles. We couldn’t have done it without our hard-working team of volunteers and we want to convey our love and sincere thanks to them for the thousands of hours they have given to our services.

Our service users recognise this effort and the quotes below show just how much they value the support received-

“As a volunteer and a positive person, I have experience on both sides of the service. I can remember a home support session where the lady we were helping really seemed to be delighted to have some company. While working on her windows she was telling me how isolated she felt after being rejected by her brother and family. I felt privileged to be able to offer be there for her and give her some support”- Max, volunteer

“The transport service is one of the most valuable services I use… the help getting me to the hospital and social groups is something I couldn’t manage without”- Seren, service user

“The relationship with drivers is powerful and supportive”- Ashley, service user

“One of the biggest gifts drivers give is being a safe and friendly person to chat to”- Jason, service user

“Positive Help is a great organisation. You offer valuable services and are consistent.”-Richard, service user

“Staff are always approachable and happy to help solve problems. I always feel you have time for me when you are on the phone”- Jimmy, service user

We also wish to sincerely thank our partners in the NHS, Social Work, Waverley Care and other voluntary sector agencies. By working as a team and communicating with each other, we have been able to provide more effective care to our service users.