A selection of our fabulous Volunteers who make a difference everyday!

Kate – Befriender


I’m a University student and decided to volunteer with Positive Help as I thought it sounded like a great excuse to watch Disney films and go on the swings! I’m a Befriender and am paired with a fantastic young adult, who is great fun as well as incredibly inspiring and resilient. We’ve been ice skating, horse riding and rock climbing, and I’ve enjoyed every minute. If you’re thinking about volunteering with Positive Help… DO IT! I’ve learnt a lot about listening and it’s been an honour to have such an insight into another person’s life.


Iris – Home Supporter


I am a first-year PhD student and a Home Support volunteer at Positive Help. The main tasks of home support are to assist HIV/HCV-positive people in maintaining and improving their living conditions. By doing so, it has helped many people to live comfortably, especially for those who have difficulty in cleaning their own house.

Please join us. It is fun to interact with and get to know the people we work with. I have had very good volunteering experiences at Positive Help.

Blanca – Befriender


I joined Positive Help in 2014, during my second year of studying English Literature at the University of Edinburgh, and have been befriending a little 9-year-old boy since then. I am also temporarily helped out in the office as a Support Services Volunteer. Originally from Japan and Sweden, I’ve lived in both countries as well as in New Zealand and am now in Edinburgh until I finish my studies. In my spare time, I love to read (as my degree might have made evident) and travel. I am also regularly involved with theatre and am an enthusiastic foodie.