Positive Help Edinburgh

Best Achievement for True Altruism Awards 2019

It’s award season! And what better excuse to celebrate our incredible volunteers?!


We hosted our very own BAFTAA ceremony – the Best Achievement for True Altruism Awards! All of our volunteers were invited for a night of glitz and glamour to celebrate the time and skills they’ve contributed to Positive Help. Thank you to everyone who could attend!

Below are just a selection of quotes from our service users that we shared with our fantastic volunteers.

“I look forward to getting a lift from John. He has actually made what I am going through a little bit easier each time I get a lift from him, so I would like to thank him.”

“Julie always cheers me up especially if I have been ill. I get a good chat with her and that can make all the difference when I’ve not seen anyone for a few days”

“I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to get the help from the likes of Peter. It makes me feel that people do care and will help. When you’re at home a lot like me it’s something to look forward to.”

“Ronald always brings joy to the office when he is in, he makes us laugh and it is great to have him and John come along.

“John is such a support to Positive Help as he has helped us by putting our name forward for fundraising events and to Ronald when he is working with us.”

“Fiona felt like part of the office team straight away. Her eagerness to learn new things during her sabbatical year is inspiring. To have someone in the office who is so reliable and so happy to help with running things behind the scenes is such a joy.” 

“My son and Ghazal engage really well. She is a relaxed and open person and my son seems to be happy when he comes back from their BF sessions and he tells me all the things they do together. They seem to have a good bond so far. I’m happy with the match.”

“Since working with Jo I have noticed that my son seems to be more open to new people in his life and is making smaller steps towards reaching out to other kids.”

“I appreciate that my daughter has a friend she can trust and go out to do fun stuff. My daughter likes going out and responds to Hazel really well, which is great.”

“Celeste has always been there for my daughter and can see her potential, she was a very adaptable Study Buddy and would always do her best to fit sessions around her work. Celeste went above and beyond what was expected of her, even attending my daughter’s dance performances when I wasn’t able to go.”

“I have never seen my son so looking forward to seeing someone as when Paul was coming, thanks to him my son’s learning came on leaps and bounds, Paul also has a wicked sense of humour so we always had a laugh.”

“Jana does a great job, I don’t have a clue how to help my daughter with her homework, but Jana is very patient and knows how to keep her focused which is difficult because my daughter is very easily distracted.”

“Having a GP on the Board is extremely beneficial to Positive Help. Paul has carried out excellent training with the staff team and he is willing to get involved above and beyond his Trustee duties. He’s brilliant!”

“With a career in the legal profession, Stan is great at keeping on top of the legal responsibilities of the charity. Swift with sending out minutes of Board meetings and responding to emails he is the perfect Secretary for our organisation.”

“Ray is exactly the type of Chairman you wish to have. Always there when you need him but who also allows autonomy for the staff to run the organisation. His experience within the community we work with is unsurpassed. His knowledge, expertise and many, many connections that he has are amazing.”

We are so lucky to have such amazing volunteers – we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them! If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer for Positive Help, you can learn more here.